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About MelloChat


MelloChat is a community with a caring difference. You don't find that very often when it comes to IRC chat these days. Our IRCops are dedicated to preserving each channel's autonomy and maintaining our basic rules for the server.

You can use the chat portal we have here on the site or you can use your own IRC client. Clients include:

For PC: mIRC, xchat, hexchat, ICEchat to name but a few

For Mac: Colloquy, LimeChat, Xchat Aqua/Azure, Textual

For Android: AndroIRC, HoloIRC, IRCCloud and many others

For iPhone: (see Mac above; most if not all work on both MacOS and iOS)

(Please note: some of the above clients cost a nominal fee, others are free. Check with each to find the best one for you. Google for more.)

When you're setting up your IRC client, use the following server information:


PORT: 6667

Please note that's dot com, not dot net. We don't want you getting lost!


Users of #thevillage can find their home site at

Reproduction of any part of this website or content on without express written authorization prior will be considered copyright infringement. All rights reserved.