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Moving to MelloChat


Your community is moving to MelloChat. It’s the same community, just a different server.

For the chatters, the only difference you’ll see is… nothing. You can continue to connect via the applet on your siteĀ (if you have one) or you can find us on Mibbit and connect that way if you prefer. If you don’t see us on Mibbit’s list (we’re new), see the graphics below. They’ll make it easy to get to us.

If you use a standalone client, you just have to enter a new server name:

server: (PLEASE NOTE: that’s DOT COM and not dot net)
port: 6667, the default port

or /server

Welcome to MelloChat!

Mibbit Users: Your site allows you to connect to any server, not just the ones in the list. (We’ll be on the list soon if we’re not already.) Here are some images of what Mibbit looks like for you.

Click SERVER which is next to the listbox

Find the word Server next to the Connect listbox. Click it.

Enter your info in these boxes

Do you see how it’s opened up for Server information? Fill it in as above:

Server: (remember, it’s dot COM and not dot net)

Enter your nick (name) or it’ll give you a goofy one

Channel: #thevillage (as an example only, use your channel name)

Then click Connect and you’re golden


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