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MelloChat Rules for the Server


1. We are a family friendly server. If you have an adult themed room, set 18+ in the topic.

2. Please maintain a nickname in good taste or you will have to deal with staff requesting you change it. To change your nickname type the following prompt in chat: /nick NEWNICKHERE

3. All users of this server are subject to any action(s) on the part of Server Staff solely at the Staff Member’s discretion at any time, for any violation of any rules. Staff also reserve the right to have the final word in any situation dealing with the Rules.

4. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the rules. Circumstances may arise that fall clearly into an area requiring Staff attention. They will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Harassment, especially sexual harassment, will not be tolerated.

6. The Message of the Day (MOTD) is displayed whenever you log into the server. Please be aware of the rules stated therein and follow them.

The following are taken from the commandments of Ancient Egypt. They represent the general idea of what we hope to achieve with MelloChat. Please keep them in mind.

1. I have not committed murder, neither have I bid any one to slay on my behalf;

2. I have not committed rape, neither have I forced any one to commit fornication;

3. I have not avenged myself, nor have I burned with rage;

4. I have not caused terror, nor have I worked affliction;

5. I have caused none to feel pain, nor have I worked grief;

6. I have done neither harm nor ill, nor I have caused misery;

7. I have done no hurt to man, nor have I wrought harm to beasts;

8. I have made none to weep;

9. I have had no knowledge of evil, neither have I acted wickedly, nor have I wronged the people;

10. I have not stolen, neither have I taken that which does not belong to me, nor that which belongs to another, nor have I taken from the orchards, nor snatched the milk from the mouth of the babe;

11. I have not defrauded, neither I have added to the weight of the balance, nor have I made light the weight in the scales;

12. I have not laid waste the plowed land, nor trampled down the fields;

13. I have not driven the cattle from their pastures, nor have I deprived any of that which was rightfully theirs;

14. I have accused no man falsely, nor have I supported any false accusation;

15. I have spoken no lies, neither have I spoken falsely to the hurt of another;

16. I have never uttered fiery words, nor have I stirred up strife;

17. I have not acted guilefully, neither have I dealt deceitfully, nor spoken to deceive to the hurt another;

18. I have not spoken scornfully, nor have I set my lips in motion against any man;

19. I have not been an eavesdropper;

20. I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth;

21. I have not judged hastily, nor have I judged harshly;

22. I have committed no crime in the place of Right and Truth.


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